“Wedding Impossible, an upcoming K-drama on tvN, revolves around the romantic escapades of ‘A-jeong,’ an undiscovered actress determined to orchestrate a fake marriage with her boyfriend. Her motive is to ascend to the forefront as the central character in her own life. As she embarks on this unconventional journey, she grapples with the challenges of navigating a faux marriage, setting the stage for a series of comedic and heartfelt moments. Little does she know, her brother-in-law-to-be, ‘Ji-han,’ vehemently opposes this unconventional union, adding an intriguing layer of conflict to the unfolding narrative.”

“As A-jeong pursues her whimsical plan to secure a leading role in her personal story, ‘Ji-han’ emerges as a formidable force standing in her way. Despite being her brother-in-law-to-be, Ji-han is resolute in his opposition to the deceptive marriage, setting the stage for a compelling clash of motives and emotions. The clash between A-jeong’s determination to script her own destiny and Ji-han’s fervent objections creates a captivating dynamic, promising viewers a blend of romance, humor, and familial tension in the upcoming K-drama, ‘Wedding Impossible’ on tvN.”

Wedding Impossible Trailer

Wedding Impossible Cast

Wedding Impossible cast include Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, Bae Yoon Kyung, Park Jae Wan & Kang Na Eon

Wedding Impossible Director

Kwon Young II

Wedding Impossible Release Date

  • Channel: tvN
  • Release Date: 26 Feb 2024
  • Timing: 8:50 P.M. (Korea Time)

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