In the drama “Hide” (2024), Na Moon Young is wedded to Cha Sung Jae, but an unexpected event leads to Cha Sung Jae mysteriously vanishing. Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her husband’s disappearance, Na Moon Young embarks on a quest to locate him.

Adding to the intrigue, Ha Yeon Joo resides as a neighbor to Na Moon Young. Amidst the suspense, a mysterious figure named Do Jin Woo holds crucial information that could unveil the secrets behind Cha Sung Jae’s sudden disappearance. 

source: translation and explaination

Hide Cast

Hide cast include Lee Bo Young, Lee Mo Saeng, Lee Chung Ahh & Lee Min Jae

Hide 2024 Writer, Director & Producer

  • Writers: Lee Hee Soo, Choi Ah Yul & Hwang Yu Jeong
  • Producer: Donghwi Kim, SLL , CJ ENM STUDIOS , DK E&M
  • Original Work: British Drama ‘Keeping Faith’

Hide 2024 Release Date

  • Streaming: Coupang Play
  • Release Date: 23 March 2024
  • Native Title: 하이드
  • Other Title: Haideu

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