“Mercy for None” is an upcoming Korean drama set to release on Netflix. The storyline revolves around Gijun, a character who chose to distance himself from the underworld following the tragic death of his younger brother, Kiseok. Kiseok held the position of second in command within the organization known as Noir Action. After an absence of 11 years, Gijun decides to make a comeback, driven by a deep-seated desire for revenge against those responsible for his brother’s demise. As he re-enters the square world, Gijun’s quest for justice and retribution unfolds, promising a thrilling narrative filled with suspense and action.(source: Naive)

Mercy for None Cast

Mercy for None cast include So Ji Sub, Ahn Kil Kang, Lee Bum Soo, Gong Myung & Heo Joon Ho

Mercy for None Director

Choi Sung Eun

Mercy for None Release Details

  • Network: Netflix
  •  Native Title: 광장
  • Release Date: Update Soon

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