“Mehroom Drama” on Har Pal Geo TV seems to be quite the intriguing watch, especially with such a talented cast. Junaid Khan’s portrayal of a suspicious and sentimental character, who eventually falls in love with Hina Altaf and ties the knot with her, promises a blend of emotional depth and romance.

Adding layers to the narrative, Kashif Mehmood’s character as Junaid Khan’s father, depicting a lack of respect towards women, likely adds complexity to the family dynamics and could serve as a driving force for the plot’s conflicts.

Sana Nadir’s negative role, fueled by her unrequited love for Junaid Khan, injects a dose of jealousy and manipulation into the storyline. Her attempts to sow seeds of doubt between Junaid Khan and Hina Altaf’s characters not only heighten the tension but also create obstacles that the protagonists must navigate through.

With such a rich cast and intricate plotlines, “Mehroom Drama” seems poised to offer viewers a rollercoaster of emotions, from love and betrayal to redemption and growth. As the story unfolds, audiences can expect to be drawn into a world where relationships are tested, secrets unravel, and characters evolve.

Mehroom Drama Cast

Mehroom drama cast include Hina Altaf, Junaid Khan, Hashaam Khan, Lubna Aslam, Kashif Mahmood, Juvaria Abbasi, Humaira Bano, Sana Nadir, Hafsa Butt, Ayesha Gul, Faiza Zohre, Sofia Khan & Ali Tahir

Mehroom Drama Teaser

Mehroom Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Radain Shah

Drama Director

Mazhar Moin

Drama Producer

Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Mehroom Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Har Pal Geo Tv
  • Release Date : 15 April 2024
  • Timing : 9:00 P.M. Daily

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