“Sultanat” is an anticipated drama set to air on Hum TV, featuring Humayoun Ashraf in a prominent role portraying the antagonist. In this narrative, Ashraf assumes the character of the son-in-law to Saba Faisal, adding layers of complexity to his portrayal. Renowned for his versatility, Ashraf has been actively involved in multiple projects, showcasing his talent and charm. Notably, he shared the screen with Sajjal Aly as the protagonist in the Express drama “Chandni.” His adeptness in portraying diverse characters reflects his skill and dedication to his craft.

In “Sultanat,” Ashraf’s character is poised to inflict cruelty upon Maha Hassan, adding an element of conflict and intensity to the storyline. Known for his nuanced performances, Ashraf’s portrayal promises to captivate audiences with its depth and realism. As the narrative unfolds, viewers can expect Ashraf to skillfully navigate the intricacies of his character’s relationships, demonstrating his adeptness in portraying complex emotions and motivations. With Ashraf at the helm, “Sultanat” is poised to be a riveting drama that delves into the complexities of human nature and relationships.

Sultanat Drama Cast

The Sultanat Drama Cast include Saba Faisal, Humayun Ashraf, Maha Hasan, Ahmed Randhawa, Usman Javed, Mahnoor, Syed Mohammed Ahmed & Tania Hussain

Sultanat Drama Teaser

Sultanat Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Noor Ul Huda Shah

Drama Director

Shah Hussain

Drama Producer

MD Production

MD Productions
MD Productions

Sultanat Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Hum TV
  • Release Date : 15 April 2024
  • Timing : 9:00 P.M.

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