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Latest & Upcoming Punjabi Movies​

“Explore the Excitement: Latest and Upcoming Punjabi Movies Unveiled! Stay in the know with a glance at the dynamic world of Pollywood through streaming platforms, social media, and local theaters. Discover the newest releases and anticipate upcoming gems in the vibrant Punjabi film industry.”

Latest Punjabi Movies​

“Step into the vibrant world of Punjabi cinema with a plethora of recent releases in 2023. From the heartwarming narrative of ‘Gudiya’ to the cross-cultural journey in ‘Bina Band Chal England,’ and the uproarious comedy in ‘Chaupal Sirre De Velle,’ the Punjabi film industry has delivered a diverse range of offerings. Other notable titles like ‘Zindagi Zindabad,’ ‘Carry On Jatta 3,’ ‘Mastaney,’ and ‘Lehmberginni’ promise a cinematic feast for every taste. Explore the rich storytelling in ‘Sardara & Sons,’ the high-spirited ‘Maujan hi Maujan,’ and the pulsating energy of ‘Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi.’ These films, along with a myriad of others like ‘Outlaw,’ ‘Tufang,’ and ‘Yaar Jugaadi,’ collectively showcase the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Punjabi cinema in the latest cinematic offerings.”


Gudiya Punjabi Movie​

Synopsis: After a prolonged hiatus, the Punjabi film industry has delved into the creation of horror and suspenseful movies. “Gudiya,” a Punjabi horror film, revolves around the enigmatic character Gudiya, who inexplicably takes the lives of villagers, leaving the community baffled about the motive behind her actions.

Cast: The cast of the Punjabi horror film “Gudiya” boasts a talented ensemble featuring Yuvraaj Hans, Sawan Rupowali, Aarushi N Sharma, Vindu Dara Singh, Shivendra Mahal, Sunita Dhir, Kulvir Sony, Himanshu Arora, Samaira Nair, Sudesh Winkklle, Arunishraaj Rohilla, Amann Bal, Manchpreet, Samreet Bajwa, Isha Sandhir, and Pankaj Sabharwal. This diverse and accomplished group of actors comes together to bring the mysterious and chilling narrative of “Gudiya” to life, promising an engaging and suspenseful cinematic experience for the audience.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas 

Bina Band Chal England​

Synopsis: “Bina Band Chal England” unfolds as a family drama set in the lively backdrop of Punjab. The film delves into the intricate relationships among various family members, exploring the dynamics between brothers-in-law, uncles, maternal uncles, and other relatives. As the narrative unfolds, the audience is taken on a journey through the intricate web of familial ties, offering a heartfelt and entertaining portrayal of the bonds that connect these diverse characters.

Cast: The cast of the film “Bina Band Chal England” includes Roshan Prince, Gurpreet Ghuggi, B.N Sharma, Sukhi Chahal, Saira, Rupinder Rupi, Gurjeet Kaur, Harby Sangha, Raj Dhaliwal, Manpreet Mani, Rana Jung Bahadur, and Badar Khan.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Chaupal Sirre De Velle

Synopsis: “Chaupal Sirre de Velle Move revolves around the humorous escapades of an unemployed romantic seeking to wed his longtime girlfriend. The series delves into the challenges they face in their lives, highlighting the protagonist’s efforts to win over his girlfriend’s parents and secure their approval for their marriage.”

Cast: The film features a cast that comprises Gurchet Chitarkar, Gurmeet Sajan, and Sandeep Jit Pateela..

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Zindagi Zindabad

Synopsis: “Zindagi Zindabaad, based on true events and chronicled by former addict Mintu Gurusaria, delves into the perils of drug addiction, emphasizing the importance of strong willpower for recovery. Director Prem Singh Sidhu intricately portrays the system and addict mindset. The film follows five youths trapped in addiction, highlighting social repercussions and mental toll. It took four years to bring this gripping narrative to theaters, and the wait was worthwhile. The cast, led by Ninja as Mintu Gurusaria, effectively conveys the struggles and transformation. The film’s soundtrack complements the theme, making it a compelling and inspiring watch, connecting instantly with the audience.

Cast: The movie features an ensemble cast including Mandy Takhar, Sardar Sohi, Ninja, Sukhdeep Sukh, Yaad Grewal, Raajiv Thakur, Samuel John, and Anita Meet.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Sardara & Sons​

Synopsis: In the film “Sardara & Sons,” a father relocates with his younger son to Canada to join his Canadian son’s family. Rather than embracing Canadian culture, they assert their own way of life. Conflict arises when the clash between the two families’ cultures leads to inevitable drama.

Cast: The cast of “Sardara and Sons” features Yograj Singh, Nasir Zaman, Roshan Prince, Sarbjeet Cheema, Gurmeet Sajan, Paul Randhawa, and Roopa Cheema.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Maujan hi Maujan​

Synopsis: “Maujan Hi Maujan” is a heartwarming film that beautifully portrays the capabilities of differently-abled individuals. Gippy Grewal, Karamjit Anmol, and Binnu Dhillon deliver exceptional performances as brothers overcoming disabilities. Director Smeep Kang handles the subject with sensitivity, infusing humor through communication challenges. The film’s two-hour duration is engaging, ending with a powerful message against prejudice.

Cast: The ensemble cast features Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillion, Karamjit Anmol, Tanu Grewal, Yograj Singh, and Nasir Chinnyoti.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Chidiyan Da Chamba​

Synopsis: Chidiyan Da Chamba, starring Amyra Dastur, Sharan Kaur, Neha Pawar, and Mehnaaz Maan, unfolds a powerful narrative as four oppressed girls unite against their tormentors. Fueled by the spirit of Sikh warrior Baba Banda Sing Bahadur, they embark on a liberating journey, transforming from victims to empowered women. The film, although occasionally intense, delivers a commendable portrayal of female empowerment in a male-dominated industry. Shivjot’s debut as a police officer adds a compelling layer, and the music enhances the overall impact. Despite moments of exaggeration, Chidiyan Da Chamba stands out as a significant effort in a landscape dominated by male-centric narratives.

Cast: In the cast of Chidiyan Da Chamba, Amyra Dastur, Sharan Kaur, Balwinder Bullet, and Shivjot come together to tell a compelling story.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi

Synopsis: Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi is a comedic tale of Happy, ensnared between his greedy father’s dowry demands and his love for Pooja. Ammy Virk excels in his comic role, supported by Binnu Dhillon’s energetic performance. The film, while occasionally over-the-top, unfolds a hilarious plot as chaos erupts when the promised car in dowry meets an unexpected fate. The story culminates with a social message against dowry, as Happy and Pooja tie the knot.

Cast: Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, and B. N. Sharma headline the ensemble cast, delivering standout performances in this uproarious comedy, Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi. Their chemistry creates a riotous family dynamic, with Ammy excelling in his comic role, Binnu bringing energetic charm, and Jaswinder adding a touch of patriarchal humor.

Buhe Baariyan​

Synopsis: A collective of women challenges the entrenched patriarchy and societal norms. In this struggle, Prem Kaur, a recently appointed police officer, unveils hidden truths, emerging as a source of inspiration and optimism for women in the community.

Cast: The cast of “Buhe Bariyan” features Neeru Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, Jatinder Kaur, and Seema Kaushal.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Cheetah Singh​

Synopsis: In the Punjabi film “Cheta Singh” (2023), directed by Ashish Kumar, Prince Kanwaljit Singh portrays Paala, a bookstore owner leading a peaceful life. When his sister Nimmi faces injustice and tragedy at the hands of corrupt forces, Paala transforms into a relentless avenger, seeking justice in a gripping tale of vengeance and retribution.

Cast: The cast of “Cheta Singh” features Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Mintu Kapa, Japji Khaira, and Irwin Meet Kaur.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Mastaney Movie 2023

Synopsis: In “Mastaney” (2023), inspired by the historical events of 1739, Nader Shah seeks revenge with the help of Lahore governor Zakariya Khan after his army is plundered by rebellious Sikhs. Engaging four commoners to play Sikhs, the film beautifully portrays their transformation into courageous warriors, blending Sikh valor and Mughal influences. Outstanding performances, grand cinematography, and a captivating musical score elevate the film, marking a significant departure for the Punjabi industry from comedic stereotypes.

Cast: The cast of “Mastaney” (2023) include Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Karamjit Anmol

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Junior Movie 2023​

Synopsis: In the 2023 released film “Junior,” a chilling assassin emerges from a six-year hiatus as his daughter falls victim to a nefarious mafia plot. The incident ignites a tempest within Junior, propelling him on a relentless rampage through the various realms of the culprits to seek justice for his daughter.

Cast: The cast of “Junior” (2023) include Kabir Bedi, Ameik Virk, Yograj Singh, and Kabir Singh

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Outlaw Movie 2023

Synopsis: In Gippy Grewal’s debut Punjabi web series, “OUTLAW” (2023), viewers are taken on a thrilling journey through the captivating landscapes of Canada, exploring its less-explored downtown. The narrative centers on a determined Chacha-Bhatija duo aiming to dominate Canada’s dark criminal world, driven by the relentless pursuit of instant wealth. Each episode unfolds as a gripping package of high-octane drama, suspense, and top-tier action, ensuring an immersive experience that will leave audiences craving more after a complete binge-watch.

Cast: The cast of “Outlaw” (2023) include Gippy Grewal, Yograj Singh, Prince Kanwaljit Singh and Raj Singh Jhinger

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Tufang Movie 2023

Synopsis: In the thrilling world of Tufang Movie 2023, Veera stealthily acquires a weapon from a renowned firearms emporium, oblivious to the fact that Arjan, the heir to the shop, is hot on her trail. As their paths intertwine, Arjan finds himself captivated by Veera, but she presents him with a formidable challenge that adds a layer of intensity to their unfolding story..

Cast: The cast of “Tufang” (2023) include Guri, Rukshar Dhillon, Jagjeet Sandhu, Mahabir Bhullar, Mintu Kapa, Karanveer Khullar

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Yaar Jugaadi Movie 2023

Synopsis: “In the recently released Yaar Jugaadi Movie 2023, a quartet of jobless pals grapple with the challenges of earning a livelihood. Banding together, they devise an ingenious scheme to outsmart a fraudulent godman and swindle him.”

Cast: The cast of “Yaar Jugaadi” (2023) include Malkit Rouni, Gurpreet Mand, Khushi Malhotra, Akash Randhawa

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Kohrra Movie 2023​

Synopsis: “In the Punjabi movie “Kohrra” (2023), chaos ensues when a bridegroom mysteriously dies just days before his wedding. Two determined police officers find themselves entangled in a web of complications as their personal lives unravel, posing a threat to the investigation. The film explores the turbulent intersections of love, mystery, and justice.”

Cast: The cast of “Kohrra” (2023) include Suvinder Vicky, Barun Sobti, Khushi Malhotra, Manish Chaudhari

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan Movie 2023

Synopsis: In the Punjabi film “Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan,” Goga and Kamal yearn to wed, yet face opposition from Kamal’s disapproving grandmother. The challenges persist even after her demise when her ghost haunts Goga. Seeking resolution, Goga consults a baba who suggests summoning his deceased grandfather, ultimately reuniting the lovers after appeasing the spirits through familial efforts.

Cast: The cast of “Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan” (2023) include Simi Chahal, Harish Verma, Sukhwinder Chahal & B.N. Sharma

Carry On Jatta 3 Movie 2023

Synopsis: In the enchanting world of Carry On Jatta 3, Jass and Meet’s love story blossoms at a wedding, prompting plans for marriage. Yet, Advocate Dhillon and Meet’s uncle Dilawer’s clash jeopardizes their union. Amidst intricate conspiracies and confusion, the families eventually find common ground, culminating in a delightful and long-awaited happy ending..

Cast: The cast of “Carry On Jatta 3” (2023) include Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, Harvinder Dhariwal & Binnu Dhillon

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Maurh Movie 2023

Synopsis: In the colonial-era Punjab, the Maurh 2023 movie unfolds in the harsh desert, depicting the struggles of villagers like Jeona Maurh. Faced with oppressive landlords and corrupt rulers, Jeona takes up arms to avenge his bandit brother Kishna’s death, challenging the exploitative land tax mafia. The film climaxes with Jeona, a devout Naina Devi worshipper, leaping off a cliff to confront British forces, diverging from historical events but concluding on a positive note.

Cast: The cast of “Maurh” (2023) include Ammy Virk, Dev Kharoud, Vikramjeet Virk & Naiqra Kaur

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Lehmberginni Movie 2023​

Synopsis: “Lehmber Ginni,” released in 2023, narrates the tale of Lehmber Singh, a habitual liar, whose antics disrupt his budding romance with Ginni. Directed by Ishaan Chopra, the film’s predictable plot and lackluster execution overshadow its potential. Ranjit Bawa impresses as Lehmber, but the film, despite vibrant cinematography, falls short due to its uninspiring narrative and underdeveloped characters. “Lehmber Ginni” struggles as a romantic comedy, failing to capitalize on its interesting premise, resulting in a forgettable cinematic experience.

Cast: The cast of “Lehmberginni” (2023) include Mahira Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Tahir Ashraf & Sarbjit Cheema

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Godday Godday Chaa Movie 2023​

Synopsis: In the 1980s Punjab depicted in the 2023 film “Godday Godday Chaa,” Rani, a newlywed, defies tradition by plotting to include women in the wedding procession. Despite male resistance, she cleverly leverages her sister Nimmo to marry into the same family, ultimately convincing the village men to accept women in the baraatis, bringing joy to the celebration.

Cast: The cast of “Godday Godday Chaa” (2023) include Sonam Bajwa, Tania, Sardar Sohi & Nirmal Rishi

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Mera Baba Nanak Movie 2023

Synopsis: In the 2023 film “Mera Baba Nanak,” a poignant tale unfolds, centered on unyielding faith that steers characters through trials, influencing all in its wake. This profound belief, orchestrated by divine intervention, impacts lives, with Amanmeet Singh and Vikramjeet Virk taking the lead roles in this soul-stirring journey of unwavering devotion.

Cast: The cast of “Mera Baba Nanak” (2023) include Amanmeet Singh, Vikramjeet Veer, Harashjot Kaur & Harpreet Bains

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Sidhus of Southalls 2023

Synopsis: In the 2023 film “Sidhus of Southall,” Tina Sidhu unintentionally causes a fatality while organizing a millionaire’s wedding festivities. The narrative transforms into a comedic labyrinth of mistakes as Tina grapples with disposing of the deceased body, leading to a series of hilarious misadventures in this uproarious tale of unexpected consequences.

Cast: The cast of “Sidhus of Southall” (2023) include Sargun Mehta, Chris Wilson, Prince Kanwaljit Singh & Iftikhar Thakur

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Jodi Movie 2023

Synopsis: Set in 1980s Punjab, “Jodi,” a musical drama, chronicles the transformative journey of two artists reshaping Punjabi folk. The narrative delves into their renowned musical partnership evolving into a love story. Wrapped in a veil of mystery, their path unfolds, captivating audiences with the enchanting tale of the celebrated musical duo in the region.

Cast: The cast of “Jodi” (2023) include Diljit Dosanjh, Nimrat Khaira, Gurshabad & Hardeep Gill

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Mining – Reyte te Kabzaa Movie 2023

Synopsis: “Mining – Reyte te Kabzaa is not your typical film; it breaks away from comic or stereotypical romance. Instead, it presents a unique and realistic storyline centered around the pervasive issue of the sand mafia in Punjab. The movie delves into the harsh realities, offering a compelling and authentic narrative.“.

Cast: The cast of “Mining – Reyte te Kabzaa” (2023) include Singga, Vikram Singh, Pradeep Rawat & Sara Grupal

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Dil Hona Chaida Jawaan Movie 2023

Synopsis: “Two friends, shunned by their families post-prison release, aim to reclaim their wealth by marrying younger women to regain their properties. Hilarity ensues as comedic chaos disrupts their plans, stirring emotions and complicating their quest for redemption in this Dil Hona Chaida Jawan tale of mistaken intentions and tangled relationships.“.

Cast: The cast of “Dil Hona Chaida Jawan” (2023) include Jaswindar Bhalla, Mannat Singh & Yamini Malhotra

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Yaaran Da Rutbaa Movie 2023

Synopsis: “In the cutthroat gambling world, Brar Group and Khaiwal Group are bitter rivals. When Brar, the leader of the former, is found murdered, suspicions fall on his right-hand man, Arjun. Author Poras, driven to unveil the truth for his novel, becomes entangled in a web of deceit, unraveling the secrets behind Brar’s demise.“.

Cast: The cast of “Yaaran Da Rutbaa” (2023) include Rahul Dev, Yesha Sagar, Prince Kanwaljit Singh & Dev Kharoud

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae Movie 2023

Synopsis: “Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae unfolds with Raja (Ammy) falling for Roop (Pari) at a wedding. Determined to find her after the event, tragedy strikes as Ammy loses his eyesight in a bike accident. Undeterred, he heads to England for treatment, forming a unique bond with Nasir, a blind friend, adding an unexpected twist to the narrative..

Cast: The cast of “Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae” (2023) include Ammy Virk, Pari Pandher, Nasir Chinyoti & Iftikhar Thakur

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Udeekan Teriyan Movie 2023​

Synopsis: “Sukwinder Singh Sukhi is looking for his missing wife. He meets Amrita Kaur who is searching for her missing husband. Amrita and Sukhi tell their story as how they met their partners. Does life have something for them?“.

Cast: The cast of “Udeekan Teriyan” (2023) include Jaswandar Bhalla, Amar Noorie, Vindu Dara Singh & Seema Kaushal.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Es Jahano Door Kitte Chal Jindiye Movie 2023

Synopsis: “In the foreign expanse, Teji and Sifat, portrayed by Kulwinder Billa and Aditi Sharma, navigate the challenges of job hunting and living illegally. Their fortunes change when benevolent Punjabi Vehram Singh (Gurpreet Ghuggi) offers them shelter and employment. Meanwhile, altruistic Mehtab (Jass Bajwa) advocates for Punjabis abroad, aiding Arshveer (Neeru Bajwa) and her daughter Saanjh. The 2023 film, “Es Jahano Door Kitte Chal Jindiye,” explores the struggles and solidarity of Punjabis in a foreign land.“.

Cast: The cast of “Es Jahano Door Kitte Chal Jindiye” (2023) include Neeru Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Aditi Sharma & Kulwinder Billa.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Nigah Marda Ayi Ve Movie 2023

Synopsis: “In ‘Nigah Marda Ayi Ve,’ illegal migrant Harman, portrayed by Gurnam Bhullar, collides with the lively Scarlet (Sargun Mehta), sparking an unexpected adventure. Director Rupinder Inderjit’s romantic comedy, inspired by Romeo and Juliet, unfolds with humor-laden dialogues but succumbs to predictability in the latter half. Despite its flaws, the film’s stunning visuals and delightful performances, especially by Harjinder Kaur, make it a visually pleasing and entertaining escapade. Released in 2023, ‘Nigah Marda Ayi Ve’ offers a lighthearted journey worth experiencing.“.

Cast: The cast of “Nigah Marda Ayi Ve” (2023) include Adi Chugh, Nisha Bano, Gurnam Bhullar & Sargun Mehta.

Schedule: Released in Cinemas

Mitran Da Naa Chalda Movie 2023

Synopsis: “‘Mitra Da Naa Chalda,’ a 2023 film, follows an underdog, tormented for his stammer in childhood. Despite dropping out early, he hones legal acumen with his court-employed uncle. Using his intellect, he aids girls entangled in a major case. Amidst challenges, he overcomes pressure, ensuring justice prevails in a triumphant journey..

Cast: The cast of “Mitran Da Naa Chalda” (2023) include  

Schedule: Released in Cinemas


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