"The Unforgettable Journey: Amar Singh Chamkila's Life, Music, and Tragic Assassination"

Amar Singh Chamkila Movie is on Amar Singh Chamkila’s life, born on July 21, 1960, in the tranquil village of Dugri near Ludhiana, Punjab, India, a remarkable journey unfolds. A luminary in the 1980s Punjabi music scene, Chamkila, alongside his artistic companion and wife, Amarjot, etched an indelible mark with their distinctive style.

Embarking from a modest beginning in a Sikh family, Chamkila’s early years unfolded amidst the rustic charm of Dugri, later transitioning to the vibrant city of Ludhiana. His artistic odyssey commenced as a songwriter, gradually evolving into a mesmerizing singer whose compositions eloquently portrayed the tapestry of rural life, addressing poignant social and cultural themes.

Chamkila’s musical imprint was defined by raw, earthy vocals and audacious lyrics delving into taboo subjects and societal norms. Sung in Punjabi, his artistry resonated for its unique storytelling, capturing the essence of life’s challenges and the struggles faced by the common man.

The playlist of Chamkila’s repertoire boasts timeless classics such as “Pehle Lalkare Naal,” “Takue Te Takua,” “Dil Da Darwaja,” and “Jatt Di Dushmani.” Each song, a poignant reflection of the human experience, contributed to his meteoric rise despite the controversies surrounding his bold and unapologetic lyrical choices.

Tragedy struck on March 8, 1988, as Amar Singh Chamkila and his wife Amarjot were ruthlessly assassinated by unidentified assailants in Mehsampur, Punjab. The motive behind this heinous act remains shrouded in mystery, fueling speculation and enduring investigations over the years.

Yet, Chamkila’s legacy perseveres through the echoes of his influential contributions to Punjabi music. His songs, a testament to his courage and unique voice, continue to be cherished by a devoted fan base. In the grand tapestry of Punjabi music history, Amar Singh Chamkila remains an immortal pioneer, his indomitable spirit resonating through the melodies that captivated hearts and transcended generations.

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Movie Cast

The movie Amar Singh Chamkila cast include Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra, Apinderdeep Singh, Nisha Bano

Diljit Dosanjh Actor in Film Amar Singh Chamkila Movie
Parineeti Chopra Actress
Apinderdeep Singh Actor
Nisha Bano Actress

Movie Writer, Director & Producer

Movie Writer & Director

Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali Writer & Director

Movie Producer


Movie Release Date

  • Channel : Netflix
  • Release Date : 2024

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