Manje Bistre 3 starrer Gippy Grewal & Gurpreet Ghuggi

Manje Bistre 3, a forthcoming Punjabi film slated for release on July 24, 2024, features Gippy Grewal and Gurpreet Ghuggi in lead roles. The storyline revolves around the vibrant Punjabi wedding culture, where the tradition involves borrowing beds and mattresses from neighbors for the guests. While the initial installment was shot in a Punjab village, and the second installment incorporated a foreign setting with a Punjabi flavor, the anticipation surrounds the location chosen for the filming of the third part.

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Cast

The movie cast include Gippy Grewal, Nisha Bano, Gurpreet Ghuggi & Karamjit Anmol

Karamjit Anmol Actor
Karamjit Anmol Actor
Nisha Bano Actress
Gippy Grewal Actor

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Writer, Director & Producer

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Writer

Rana Ranbir

Rana Ranbir Writer

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Director​

Baljit Singh Deo

Baljit Singh Deo Director

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Producer

Gippy Grewal

Gippy Grewal Actor

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Trailer

The movie trailer is not released yet

Manje Bistre 3 Movie Release Date

  • Released in Cinema
  • Release Date : 26 July 2024

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