In the intense setting of Baekyeon Girls’ High School’s sophomore class, specifically in class 5, a clandestine ritual takes place each month. Students engage in a secretive balloting process to designate bullies, plunging the entire class into a merciless survival ranking competition. Within this hostile environment, the boundaries between offenders, victims, and bystanders blur, leading to an escalating spiral of violence. The unfolding drama in “Pyramid Game” explores the gritty dynamics of power, fear, and hierarchy as students navigate the brutal challenges that threaten to reshape their lives.

Pyramid Game Trailer

Pyramid Game Cast

The Pyramid Game cast include Bona, Jang Da A, Ryu Da Bin, Kang Na Eon, Jung Ha Dam & Shin Seul Ki

Pyramid Game Writer

Sui Choi

Pyramid Game Producer

Film Monster , CJ ENM Studios, Jae gyu Lee & Soyean Park

Pyramid Game Release Date

  • Streaming: tving
  •  Release Date: 29 Feb 2024
  • Time:  12 P.M. (Korea Time)

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