Introducing the enchanting and most famous VJ, Actress & Model of Pakistan Mawra Hocane. She has a charming presence in the world of entertainment. Mawra Hocane is talented, charismatic and passionate bright star in Pakistan and India as well. In this Mawra Hocane biography you will delve into the remarkable journey of her career, their dramas, films and family.

Mawra Hocane Age

Mawra Hocane birthday is celebrated on 28 september 1992. She is 32 year of age in 2024. Mawra hocane zodiac star is Libra.

Mawra Hocane Husband

Mawra Hocane is not married and she is single. She will announce it soon, when Mawra Hocane finds the right person for marriage.

Mawra Hocane Family

Mawra Hocane father was in Pakistan Army and his name is Mushtaq Hussain. Mawra Hocane siblings include one sister and a brother. Mawra Hocane sister name is Urwa Hocane and his brother name is Ins-e-Yazdan

Mawra Hocane Urwa Hocane both belongs to entertainment and media. Farhan Saeed the singer and actor is the husband of Urwa Hocane.

Mawra Hocane Education

Mawra Hocane did her graduation LLB from University of London. You can see Mawra Hocane graduation dress in the convocation of her graduation ceremony.

Mawra Hocane Drama List

Mawra Hocane started her career as Music VJ on ARY Music TV. Mawra Hocane first drama was “Khichri Salsa”. Mawra Hocane performed in several dramas and the drama list includes:


      • Mere Huzoor

      • Ek Tamanna La Hasil Si

      • Nikhar Gae Gulab Sare

      • Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai

      • Halki Si Khalish

      • Main Gunahgar Nahin

      • Mare Harjai

      • Hasil

      • Main Bushra

      • Shadi Mubarak

    Mawra Hocane Top dramas include


        • Ahista Ahista

        • Sammi

        • Dassi

        • Sabaat

        • Angan

        • Qissa Meher Bano Ka

      Mawra Hocane latest dramas include:


          • Neem

          • Nauroz

        Mawra Hocane Movies & TV shows

        Mawra Hocane has also performed in Films. Mawra Hocane bollywood movie name is Sanam Teri Kasam. This Indian Movie was released in 2016. Mawr Hocane perform with Harshvardhan Rane in this Indian Movie. Sanan Teri Kasam film was a romantic movie, this film didn’t give a good business but the music gets popular.

        Mawra Hocane also perform with Fahad Mustafa in film “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2”

        Mawra Hocane Photos

        We have collected some great picture of Mawra Hocane for our readers and viewer.

        Mawra Hocane Wedding and husband pictures will be updated soon when she get married.


        Where is Mawra Hocane now?

        Mawra Hocane is working with famous brands “Lays” and “Glow Lovely. Mawra Hocane has launched her clothing brand in June 2019 with Urwa Hocane named “UXM”. Mawra Hocane is working on her youtube channel “M Live” as well since 2022.

        Did Mawra Hocane get married?

        Mawra Hocane date of birth is 28 September 1992, She is 31 years of age. Mawra Hocane is unmarried and looking for best life partner

        Who is Mawra Hocane brother?

        Mawra Hocane brother name is Ins e Yazdan. Mawra Hocane sister name is Urwa Hocane both belongs to TV and Film

        Is Mawra Hocane Indian?

        Mawra Hocane was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She got her early education in Islamabad. Mawra Hocane studied in Bahria College, Islamabad. Mawra Hocane education is LLB and she did it from University of London.

        Which is the best drama of Mawra Hocane?

        Mawra Hocane best drama include:


            • Ahista Ahista

            • Sammi

            • Dassi

            • Sabaat

            • Angan

            • Qissa Meher Bano Ka

          Who is the husband of Urwa?

          Farhan Saeed the famous Pakistani Singer and Actor is the Husband of Urwa. She is the sister of Mawra Hocane.


          Mawra Hocane has become a prominent name in the entertainment industry. Her passion for acting and peforming in verstalie roles give her a stand out of crowd position in the heart of fans both in Pakistan and India. She is a style icon and fashion trends setter.

          Mawra Hocane Social Media Profile


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