“Dunyapur, set to premiere on Green Entertainment, boasts an impressive cast featuring Khushhal Khan, Ramsha Khan, and Sami Khan. The stellar lineup ensures a promising viewing experience. The narrative is enriched with a captivating storyline, deeply rooted in our cultural norms, and adorned with a timeless aesthetic. Commencing its filming journey in January 2024, the drama is anticipated to grace our screens post-Eid, offering audiences a compelling blend of tradition and a nostalgic ambiance.”

Dunyapur Drama Cast

The drama cast include Khushhal Khan, Ramsha Khan, Sami Khan, Noman Ejaz & Manzar Sehbai

Dunyapur Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Radain Shah

Radain Shah

Drama Director & Producer

Shahid Shafaat

Shahid Shafaat Director & Producer Dunyapur Drama Green Entertainment

Drama Production

Multiverse Entertainment

multiverse entertainment

Dunyapur Drama OST & Teaser

The drama OST & teaser is not released yet

Dunyapur Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Green Entertainment
  • Release Date: Update Soon

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