Kashif Hussain is a versatile individual, excelling as an actor, model, director, and dancer. Hailing from Pakistan, he received his initial acting training at NAPA before earning a scholarship to the University of Texas in America for further theater education. Embarking on his theater acting journey with the play ‘Neik Parveen’ in 2011, Kashif has recently showcased his talent in the hit drama ‘Akhara,’ a Green Entertainment Blockbuster.

Kashif Hussain Photos

Kashif Hussain Age

Kashif Hussain age is 34 years in 2024 and his date of birth is 1st Jan 1990. Currently unmarried, he is single and has not entered into matrimony

Kashif Hussain Height

Kashif Hussain Height is 5 feet 9.5 inch

Kashif Hussain Drama List

Kashif Hussain’s repertoire of dramas encompasses notable titles such as “Gumn,” “Razia,” “Shanaas,” and “Akhara.” In these productions, he has showcased his acting prowess and contributed to the success of each project.


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