Damon Welch was born on November 6, 1959, in San Diego, California, USA. Damon Welch is also known as Damon Curtis. Damon Welch is an actor renowned for his roles in “The Day the Earth Got Stoned” (1979), “Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness” (1984), and “Intimate Portrait” (1990). Formerly wedded to Rebecca Trueman, Damon James Welch, the son of the late model, actor, and businesswoman Raquel Welch, and her ex-husband, James Welch.

Damon Welch Movies & TV Shows

Damon Welch’s movies and television credits encompass a notable list of works. He has been involved in various movies and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his notable contributions include roles in:

  • The Day the Earth Got Stoned
  • Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness
  • Intimate Portrait
  • Biography

Damon Welch Spouse, Parents, Siblings & Net Worth


Who is Damon Welch's father?

James Westley Welch is the father of Damon Welch’s

Is Damon Welch married?

Damon Welch got married with Rebecca Trueman in 1990 and they got divorced in 1992

What does Damon Welch do?

Damon Welch initially explored acting, serving as a production assistant in the 1979 comedy film “J-Men Forever” and contributing to his mother’s fitness video, “Raquel: Total Beauty And Fitness.” However, he eventually shifted gears. From 2001 to 2010, he held the position of an administrator for information systems at J&B Asset Management in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Currently, Damon resides in Little Elm, Texas, where he pursues a career as a computer and network administrator professional.


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