Hamza Sohail

Hamza Sohail made his debut in the drama “Raqeeb Se” on Hum TV in 2021, cast by Kashif Nisar. This decision proved to be correct, and he achieved success in his inaugural drama. During the same year, he also appeared in ‘Main Hari Piya’ on Ary Digital. In 2022, Hamza Sohail showcased his talent in “Badshah Begum” on Hum TV and ventured into his first web series, “Mr. & Mrs. Shameem.” The year 2023 marked a significant period for Hamza Sohail, as he performed in “Fairy Tale” and “Fary Tale 2” on Hum TV, “Sirf Tum” on Geo TV, and “Breaking News” on Green Entertainment. Continuing his journey in 2024, he is currently starring in “Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet” on Ary Digital.

Hamza Sohail Age

Hamza Sohail’s birthday falls on July 16, and as of July 16, 2024. Hamza Sohail age will be 27 years old, commemorating another year since his birth on July 16, 1996.

Hamza Sohail TV Shows & Dramas

Hamza Sohail drama List

  • Raqeeb Se – Hum TV (2021)
  • Main Hari Piya – Ary Digital (2021)
  • Badshah Begum – Hum TV (2022)
  • Fairy Tale – Hum TV (2023)
  • Fairy Tale  2- Hum TV (2023)
  • Sirf Tum – Geo TV (2023)
  • Breaking News – Green Entertainment (2023)
  • Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet – Ary Digital (2024)

Web Series

  • Mr. & Mrs. Shameem – Zee5 (2022)

Hamza Sohail Father, Wife and Family

Hamza Sohail father is Sohail Ahmed who is a Stage and TV Actor. The speculation about Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan dating remains unconfirmed. Hamza Sohail is presently single and intends to disclose his marriage plans soon, emphasizing his dedication to his professional endeavors. Shahzeb Ahmed, Muhammad Ali, and Shah Rukh are Hamza Sohail’s brother, while he has two sisters named Khadija Ahmed and Hira Ahmed.

Hamza Sohail Photos

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Hamza Sohail Instagram Profile

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