In the enigmatic realm of metafiction, within the captivating narrative titled “Grand Shining Hotel,” a woman finds herself ensnared within the pages of a novel, compelled by an inscrutable force. As she navigates the intricacies of this literary world, she discovers that a mysterious author holds the reins, manipulating every aspect of her existence. Driven by an urgent mission, she embarks on a quest to locate and confront this elusive creator.

Her quest takes a perilous turn as she learns that a male character within the novel has become the prime target of a relentless serial killer. Fueled by a determination to alter the course of the narrative, the woman delves deeper into the layers of fiction, unraveling the twisted threads of the plot.

In a reality where fiction and reality blur, the woman grapples with the challenges of outsmarting the author’s omnipotent control. Each chapter unfolds like a cryptic puzzle, leading her closer to the truth and closer to the heart of the perilous mystery. As she inches towards her goal, she must confront not only the malevolent serial killer but also the puppeteer orchestrating the narrative from the shadows.

In this literary labyrinth, the boundaries between fiction and reality become increasingly elusive, creating a suspenseful tale where the protagonist races against time, striving to rewrite the story and save the imperiled man from the clutches of the enigmatic killer.

Note Information is collected in Korean and translate it in english. (Naver)

Grand Shining Hotel Trailer

Grand Shining Hotel 2024 Cast

The ‘Grand Shining Hotel’ cast include Jung In Sun, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Kyung, Jeong Jinwoon (Images collected from Instagram)

Grand Shining Hotel Release Date, Timing & Channel

Drama Writer

Sehyun Park

Drama Producer

Myung Hyunwoo, Studio Dragon

Grand Shining Hotel Release Date, Timing & Channel

  • Channel : tvN & tving (streaming)
  • Release Date: 17 February 2024
  • Time: Sat – 10:40 P.M. (Korea Time)

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