In a surprising turn of events, So Eun Ho (Lomon), a devoted advocate of the “YOLO” mindset, takes a leap into the professional world as an intern at a Seongsu marketing agency. Despite being the agency’s oldest intern, Eun Ho’s charming blend of overwhelming cuteness and youthful spirit quickly earns him a reputation. However, his carefree approach clashes with Kang Na Eon (Kim Ji Eun), the agency’s youngest and hardworking marketing team leader, who has climbed the corporate ladder with unwavering dedication.

Their story takes an unexpected twist when an impromptu kiss results in a supernatural switch of their souls into each other’s bodies. Forced to navigate the challenges of their reversed lives, Eun Ho and Na Eon, despite their initial animosity, must learn to appreciate and respect one another. As they unravel the mysteries behind their predicament, the question looms: will this newfound connection be the key to reversing the switch? “Branding in Seongsu,” a 2024 South Korean romantic comedy drama directed by Jung Hun-Soo, promises an enchanting and whimsical tale of love, personal growth, and the unexpected.

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Branding in Seongsu Cast

The drama cast include Ahn Yun Hong, Jeong Yi Rang, Kim Ho Young, Lomon, Yang Hye Ji & Kim Ji Eun


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