“Zulm” is a highly anticipated drama set to air on Hum TV, and it marks the long-awaited comeback of renowned actor Faisal Qureshi after an 8-year hiatus. This time, he’s taking on a challenging leading role, portraying a character of a Don, who is an oppressor, cruel, and a tyrant in the story.

The drama is not just about showcasing the darkness of this Don-like character but also delves into the broader themes of injustice and the incredible resilience of individuals in the face of adversity. As the narrative unfolds, viewers will witness the characters’ struggles against the oppression and cruelty they encounter.

Sahar Hashmi and Shahzad Sheikh, two talented actors, join Faisal Qureshi in this compelling storyline, adding depth to the cast. The ensemble is expected to deliver powerful performances that will capture the essence of the characters and the emotional depth of the story.

With Faisal Qureshi’s return to the small screen and a captivating plot centered around themes of oppression and resilience, “Zulm” is poised to be a dramatic masterpiece that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The series is sure to resonate with audiences and spark discussions about justice, power, and the human spirit.

Zulm Drama Cast

Zulm Drama Cast includes Faisal Qureshi, Sahar Hashmi, Shahzad Sheikh, Amra Zahid Kazi, Raeed Muhammad Alam, Saba Faisal, Adeela Saleem, Tazeen Hussain, Hani Taha and Ahmed Rafique

Faisal Qureshi

Sahar Hashmi

Shahzad Sheikh

Amra Zahid Kazi

Raeed Muhammad Alam

Saba Faisal

Adeela Saleem

Tazeen Hussain

Hani Taha

Ahmed Rafique

Zulm Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Rehana Aftab

Drama Director

Ilyas Kashmiri

Drama Production & Producer

MD Production & Momina Duraid

Drama OST & Teaser

The Teaser and Trailer has been released and is available on youtube

Zulm Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Hum TV
  • Release Date : 21 October 2023 (Saturday)
  • Time : 9:00 P.M.
  • Duration : 45 Min

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