Hamza Sohail Starrer with Sajjal Aly in Zard Patton Ka Band

The upcoming drama “Zard Patton Ka Band” boasts an impressive cast, featuring Hamza Sohail and Sajjal Aly in lead roles. Previously, renowned names like Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan were associated with the project, but ultimately, Hamza Sohail secured the male lead position. Recognized for his exceptional performances, Hamza Sohail has earned praise from established actors. This marks the first collaboration for Hamza Sohail and Sajjal Aly on the drama screen. Hamza Sohail’s recent projects include “Burns Road Kay Romeo & Juliet” and a Fairy Tale Drama. Sajjal Aly, a talented actress, is set to portray the role of a strong advocate for women’s rights, aligning with the theme of the drama as Kashf Foundation, a co-producer, focuses on women’s rights. Sajjal Aly’s previous project was ‘Kuch Ankahi’. The filming for “Zard Patton Ka Band” has already commenced.

Zard Patton Ka Band Drama Cast

The drama Cast include Hamza Sohail & Sajjal Aly

Zard Patton Ka Band Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Mustafa Afridi

Mustafa Afridi Writer

Drama Director

Saife Hassan

Saife Hassan Director & Actor

Drama Producer

MD Production & Kashf Foundation

Zard Patton Ka Band OST & Teaser

The drama teaser and Ost is not released yet

Zard Patton Ka Band Drama Timing & Release Date

  • Channel: Hum TV
  • Release Date: Update Soon
  • Timing: Update Soon

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