Nayab Film starrer Yumna Zaidi​

“Nayab #Naam Yaad Rakhna” is an upcoming film starring Yumna Zaidi in her debut role, where she portrays the character Nayab. The recently released trailer unveils Nayab’s fervent desire to join an academy and secure a spot in the national women’s cricket team, a passion that drives her to play in a boys’ team in her local area. Determined to transcend street cricket and make it to the national level, Nayab confronts numerous challenges, grappling with financial hardships and societal obstacles. 

Despite facing a lack of familial support, Nayab finds solace in her brother, with Javed Sheikh and Huma Nawab playing her father and mother, respectively. To pursue her dreams, Nayab even sells her gold chain to join the academy. Adnan Siddiqui takes on the role of the National Women Cricket Team Coach, and as Nayab becomes a part of the academy, she encounters systemic flaws, including issues of meritocracy, references, and favoritism.

The film delves into the complexities of Nayab’s journey, portraying instances of violence and conflict that intensify the pressure on her, compelling her to contemplate leaving cricket altogether.

Nayab Film Cast

The Nayab Film cast include stars Yumna Zaidi, M.Fawad Khan, Javed Sheikh, Usama Khan, Huma Nawab, Ehteshamuddin, Noreen Gulwani, & Adnan Siddiqui and a special dance performance by Faryal Mehmood.

Nayab Film Writer, Director & Producer

Nayab Film Writer

The Nayab Film writer is by Ali Abbas & Basit

Nayab Film Director

The film is directed by Umair Nasir Ali

Nayab Film Producers

Mandviwalla Entertainment & Kenneyz Films presents in association with Numfilms

Executive producers David Kenney & Agnes Kenney

Producers Rumina Umair & Umair Irfani

Nayab Film Trailer Released

Nayab Film Trailer is released

Film Release Date

  • Channel : world wide
  • Release Date : 26 January 2024

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