Shaan Shahid & Ayesha Omar starrer Waar 2

“Waar 2 is an upcoming Pakistani film that delves into the theme of counter-terrorism, showcasing the strategic actions taken by Pakistan’s security agencies. The plot revolves around the infiltration of terrorists into Pakistan with the aim of causing global damage and disruption. Written, directed, and produced by Hassan Rana under Mind Works Media Entertainment, the film is set to be distributed by Ary Films.

The lead roles in the movie are portrayed by Shaan Shahid and Ayesha Omar, both playing integral parts within the security agencies. The sequel, Waar 2, promises to be even more thrilling and captivating than its predecessor. The original Waar, released in 2013, gained immense popularity, leading to heightened anticipation for its sequel.

Despite the initial plan for Waar 2 to be released in 2017, as of 2023, it has not yet hit the screens, with expectations now pointing towards a 2024 release. The film’s international shooting locations span across Russia, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, and Turkey, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the storyline.”

Movie Trailer

Waar 2 Movie Trailer is not released yet. Waar one Movie Trailer is here listed below

Movie Cast​

The movie cast include Shaan Shahid, Agha Haris Durrani, Bilal Ashraf, Ayesha Omer, Maya Ali & Aliza Naseer

Shaan Shahid Actor
Ayesha Omar Actress
Bilal Ashraf Actor
Maya Ali Actress
Aleeza Nasser Actress

Movie Writer, Director & Producer

Movie Writer​ & Director

Hassan Rana

Waar Movie Producer, Writer & Director Hassan Rana

Movie Producer

Hassan Rana & Mind Works Media

mindworks media

Movie Release Date​

  • Released on  : Cinema 
  • Release Date : Update Soon

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