Mesmerizing Tale: Junaid Niazi and Sania Shamshad in 'Tum Bin Kesay Jiye'

The upcoming drama “Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen” is set to air on Ary Digital, taking over the slot previously occupied by “Adawat.” The lead roles in the drama will be portrayed by Junaid Niazi, Sania Shamshad & Hammad Shoaib. Junaid plays the character of Saad, while Hammad takes on the role of Adeel. The recently released teaser on Ary Digital hints at a storyline where Junaid and Sania, initially friends, face a complex love triangle.


In the narrative, Junaid’s character secretly falls in love with Sania, yet fails to express his feelings. Ultimately, Sania’s character, portrayed by Sania Shamshad, ends up marrying Hammad Sheikh. However, a twist is expected to unfold as Junaid Niazi’s character endeavors to bring Sania Shamshad back into his life. The drama is anticipated to delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and family conflicts, promising viewers a captivating storyline.


Junaid Niazi has gained recognition for his role in “Baby Baji Ki Bahuen,” which contributed to his popularity. Additionally, he is also part of the cast in the drama “Mohabbat Satrangi.” Meanwhile, Sania Shamshad, who is also featuring in the Geo TV drama “Grift,” aims to make her mark in the industry with her diverse performances.

Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen Cast

Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen cast include Junaid Niazi, Sania Shamshad, Hammad Shoaib, Shabbir Jaan, Rubina Ashraf

Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Edison Idrees Masih

Drama Director

Saqib Zafar Khan

Drama Producer

Idream Entertainment

Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen Drama OST & Teaser

Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen Drama OST & Teaser is released

Tum Bin Kesay Jiyen Drama Release & Timing

  • Channel : Ary Digital
  •  Release Date : Update Soon
  • Timing : Update Soon

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