Fahad Sheikh Starrer with Hiba Aziz in Takabur Drama

The Takabur Drama storyline may seem familiar with its portrayal of a rich, arrogant man, Fahad Sheikh, and a poor, oppressed girl, Hiba Aziz, forced into marriage for revenge. While the initial premise appears conventional, there is potential for the narrative to take unexpected turns and introduce compelling twists. The magic lies in the hands of the directors and producers who can infuse creativity and innovation to breathe life into the story. By adding layers to the characters, exploring intricate relationships, and incorporating unique plot developments, the drama has the opportunity to transcend its initial simplicity and captivate audiences with a fresh and engaging narrative. As viewers, we anticipate the unfolding of the story, hoping for surprises and elements that set Drama apart from the typical narratives in its genre.

Takabur Drama Teaser

The drama teaser for “Takabur” has been revealed

Takabur Drama Cast

The ensemble cast of Drama features Fahad Sheikh, Hiba Aziz, Aiza Awan, and Danial Afzal in pivotal roles, with stellar support from Adnan Jaffar, Yasir Ali, Zainab Raza, Javed Sheikh, and Munawar Saeed. Together, this talented cast brings depth and authenticity to the narrative, promising a compelling and memorable viewing

Yasir Ali Actor
Fahad Sheikh Actor
Hiba Aziz Actress
Aiza Awan Actress
Danial Afzal khan Actor
Adnan Jaffar Actor
Zainab Reza Actress
Munawar Saeed Actor

Takabur Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Seema Munaf

Seema Munaf Writer

Drama Director

Kashif Saleem

Kashif Saleem Director

Drama Producer​

Momina Durraid, MD Production & Moomal Production

MD Productions

Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Hum Tv
  • Release Date : 31 December 2023
  • Time : 9:00 P.M.
  • Duration : 45 Min

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