Affan Waheed & Sonya Hussyn Starrer in Rafi Movie

Affan Waheed and Sonya Hussyn play the leading roles in the film “Rafi – The Untold Story.” The movie revolves around the life of Dr. Mohammed Rafi Chaudhry, a renowned physicist and nuclear scientist who served as a professor at Govt. College Lahore. Dr. Rafi was a crucial figure as the Co-Founder of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program. The film is directed by the talented Kamran Faiq, who holds the distinction of being the youngest producer to attend the Venice Film Festival for both Europe and Asia, where he received awards for his outstanding productions.

“Rafi – The Untold Story” delves into hidden aspects of Mr. Rafi’s career that have never been revealed before, shedding light on significant moments throughout his remarkable journey.

Rafi Movie Trailer

Movie Trailer is not released yet and it will be updated once released

Rafi Movie Cast

Then Leading cast of Rafi Movie include Affan Waheed & Sonya Hussyn, Affan Waheed is acting as Dr. Rafi in this movie

Sonya Hussyn Actress
Affan Waheed Actor

Rafi Movie Writer, Director & Producer

Movie Writer

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Movie Director

Kamran Faiq

Kamran Faiq Director Producer

Movie Producer​

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Movie Release Date

  • Channel : Cinema
  • Release Date : Update Soon

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