Uzair Jaswal Starrer in Nafrat Drama on Hum Tv​

Uzair Jaswal, known for his roles as a singer, model, and actor, is set to lead the cast in the upcoming Hum TV drama “Nafrat.” This marks his return to the screen after a substantial hiatus since his debut in films like “Gol Chakkar” and “Jalebian.” Uzair, who has also showcased his singing talent in Bollywood, previously appeared in the 2016 drama “Mor e Sayyan.”

In “Nafrat,” Uzair Jaswal will share the spotlight with Aneeqa Zulfiqar, who is already making waves in the television industry through her role in “Namak Haram Drama.” The narrative of “Nafrat” revolves around themes of relationships, emotions, love, and hatred. The drama is poised to fill the 7 P.M. time slot previously occupied by “Kahen Kissey Drama” on Hum TV.

The first teaser of “Nafrat” has been released on Hum TV, offering a glimpse into the storyline. Positioned as a soap opera, the drama is expected to unfold its tale of emotions and conflicts. As viewers eagerly anticipate the show, it remains to be seen how Uzair Jaswal’s performance will resonate and whether the drama will garner significant TRP (Television Rating Points). The outcome and the true essence of the story will only be revealed once the audience experiences the magic of “Nafrat.”

Nafrat Drama OST & Teaser​

Nafrat Drama first teaser is released on Hum TV

Nafrat Drama Cast

“Nafrat” showcases a talented ensemble cast, including Aniqa Zulfiqar, Uzair Jaswal, Shahbaz Shigri, Hina Tariq, Komail Anum, Adnan Jeelani, Najiba Faiz, Nargis Rasheed, Ghazala Butt, Rubina Naz, Ejaz Mir, and other accomplished actors. This diverse lineup ensures a stellar and compelling performance from each team member, promising an engaging viewing experience for the audience.

Uzair Jaswal Singer Actor in Nafrat drama cast hum tv
Anika Zulfikar Actress in Nafrat Drama Cast Hum TV
Shahbaz Shigri Actor in Nafrat Drama Cast Hum TV
Hina Tariq Actress in Nafrat Drama Cast Hum Tv
Komail Anum Actor in Nafrat Drama Cast Hum Tv
Adnan Jilani Actor in Nafrat Drama Cast Hum TV
Najiba Faiz Actress in Nafrat drama cast Hum Tv
Nargis Raheed Actress in Nafrat Drama Cast Hum Tv
Ghazala Butt Actress in Nafrat Drama Cast on Hum TV

Nafrat Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Nafrat Drama Writer

Madiha Shahid

Madiha Shahid Writer of Nafrat Drama Hum TV

Nafrat Drama Director​

Hisham Syed

Hisham Syed Director Nafrat Drama on Hum TV

Drama Producer​

Momina Durraid & MD Production

MD Productions

Nafrat Drama Release Date​

  • Channel : Hum TV
  • Release Date : 
  • Time : 7:00 P.M.
  • Duration : 45 Min

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