Muneeb Butt Starrer Anmol Baloch in Mohabbat Ek Saza

Starring Muneeb Butt and Anmol Baloch, “Mohabbat Ek Saza” is set to air on Har Pal Geo TV, taking over the slot previously occupied by the drama “Mannat Murad.” While the supporting cast has yet to be announced, the drama’s initial teasers have provided a glimpse into the storyline.

The teasers depict Muneeb Butt in the role of Sultan, portraying him as an initially arrogant individual. The narrative unfolds as Sultan and Anmol Baloch’s character build their relationship, eventually leading to marriage. However, the drama takes a darker turn as Sultan’s toxic behavior is revealed, showcasing his anger over trivial matters, constant teasing of his wife, a general disdain for everything, and neglect towards her.

This drama promises a storyline filled with toxicity within relationships, highlighting Sultan’s negative traits and the challenges faced by Anmol Baloch’s character in dealing with his behavior. As more teasers and episodes are released, additional characters and plot developments are expected to unfold, keeping viewers engaged in the unfolding drama. Stay tuned for further updates as the series progresses.

Mohabbat Ek Saza Drama Cast

The cast include Muneeb Butt, Anmol Baloch, Noor Ul Hassan, Minsa Malik & Erum Akhtar

Muneeb Butt Actor
Anmol Baloch Actress
Minsa Malik Actress
Erum Akhtar Actress
Noor Ul Hassan Actor

Mohabba Ek Saza Drama Writer, Director & Producer​

Mohabbat Ek Saza Drama Writer

Zanjabeel Asim

Zanjabeel Asim drama writer

Mohabbat Ek Saza Drama Director

Zeeshan Ahmed

Zeeshan Ahmed Director

Mohabbat Ek Saza Drama Producer

7th Sky Entertainment

7th Sky Entertainment Production

Drama OST & Teaser

Mohabbat Ek Saza drama teaser is released

Mohabbat Ek Saza Drama Release Date​

  • Channel : Har Pal Geo TV
  • Release Date : 22 January 2024
  • Time : 8:00 P.M. Monday & Tuesday
  • Duration : 45 Min

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