Latest & Upcoming Dramas on Green Entertainment

Latest & Upcoming Green Entertainment Dramas

Latest & upcoming Green Entertainment Pakistani dramas are: Akhara drama, Pagal Khana Drama, Breaking News Drama, Ek Jhooti Love Story, Grey Drama Green Entertainment,  Shikaar Drama – Green Entertainment, .

Enter the dynamic realm of Green Entertainment with the latest dramas reshaping storytelling. Anticipate fresh narratives, compelling plots, and outstanding performances for an unparalleled viewing experience. Get ready for a surge of creativity in this captivating era of Green Entertainment drama.

Latest New Green Entertainment Dramas: A Symphony of Emotions

Immerse yourself in our newest dramas, where each episode is a showcase of storytelling artistry. From family sagas to romantic epics, these dramas guarantee an unforgettable experience. Check out the current wave-makers!

TeaserFeroze Khan and Sonya Hussyn headline “Akhara,” with a teaser focused on intense ring fights for Khan’s character, Dilsher. Despite being a love story with Sonya’s character, Sitara, the teaser intriguingly omits showcasing romantic moments. For a detailed glimpse into the storyline and dynamics, we eagerly await the drama’s release or additional teasers. 

CastAkhara Drama cast include “Feroze Khan”, “Sonya Hussyn”, “Faraz Farooqui”, “Dania Adil”, “Nida Mumtaz”, “Waseem Abbas”, “Srha Asghar”, “Naima Khan” & “Late Ahmed Bilal”.


Teaser:“Breaking News” by Green Entertainment stars Hamza Sohail and Amar Khan, diverging from typical plots, focusing on journalism’s challenges, the complex media-bureaucracy-politics relationship, and the rarity of unwavering journalistic integrity.

Cast: Breaking News Drama Cast include Hamza Sohail, Amar Khan & Ali Saifina


Teaser: Green Entertainment presents ‘Pagal Khana,’ starring Saba Qamar and Sami Khan, featuring a gripping storyline. As Qamar’s character descends into madness consumed by love for Khan, the teaser has sparked curiosity, promising an intriguing narrative. Stay tuned for the drama launch, as ‘Pagal Khana’ hints at a captivating and fascinating journey.

Cast: Pagal Khana Drama Cast include Sami Khan & Saba Qamar 

Teaser“Serial Killer” is an upcoming suspenseful thriller on Green Entertainment, featuring Saba Qamar in a prominent role as a dedicated police investigator. The plot revolves around a series of mysterious killings where the perpetrator leaves no discernible clues, setting the stage for a high-stakes game of cat and mouse between the cunning killer and the determined police force. 

CastSerial Killer Drama Cast include Saba Qamar, Daniyal Raheel & Ahmed Randhawa

Teaser“Ek Jhooti Love Story,” starring Bilal Abbas and Madiha Imam, explores digital romance and the complexities of love and arranged marriages within a conventional family. Originally premiered on Zee5 in 2020, this captivating web series is set to return on Green Entertainment in December 2023.

Cast: Ek Jhooti Love Story Drama Cast include Bilal Abbas Khan, Madiha Imam, Kinza Razzaq, Kiran Haq, Furqan Qureshi & Maryam Saleem


Synopsis: In a gripping promo, Sabeena Farooq’s resilience shines after a brutal mugging for speaking up. Alone and scarred, she faces isolation but emerges stronger, a beacon for truth. The narrative unfolds with Sami Khan as “Salar,” a TV actor grappling with a severe accusation. Green Entertainment’s “Grey Drama” promises a unique tale, navigating societal struggles with compelling twists. A must-watch for its unconventional narrative, leaving viewers on the edge. Stay tuned for this captivating saga.

Cast: Sabeena Farooq, Sami Khan & Noor Khan

Synopsis: Green Entertainment presents a captivating drama, starring Faisal Qureshi in a formidable don-type role. Joined by the talented Nazish Jehangir and charismatic Asad Siddiqui, this upcoming blockbuster promises a riveting narrative beyond the ordinary. Qureshi’s commanding presence, Jehangir’s finesse, and Siddiqui’s compelling performance create a spellbinding tale exploring power, relationships, and unexpected twists. Brace for a rollercoaster of emotions in this Green Entertainment masterpiece, where every scene unfolds with intensity and intrigue.

Cast: Faisal Qureshi, Nazish Jehangir & Asad Siddiqui