Feroze Khan & Sonya Hussyn Starrer Akhara Drama on Green Entertainment

Feroze Khan and Sonya Hussyn are set to take on the leading roles in the upcoming drama “Akhara.” The recently released teaser primarily focuses on Feroze Khan’s character, Dilsher, engaging in intense ring fights. Despite being a love story between Dilsher and Sonya’s character, Sitara, the initial teaser intriguingly omits showcasing their romantic moments.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the “Akhara” drama, we’ll need to patiently await its release or the unveiling of additional teasers. Only then will we have a clearer and more detailed glimpse into the storyline and the dynamics between Feroze Khan’s Dilsher and Sonya Hussyn’s Sitara.

Akhara Drama Cast

Akhara Drama cast include “Feroze Khan”, “Sonya Hussyn”, “Faraz Farooqui”, “Dania Adil”, “Nida Mumtaz”, “Waseem Abbas”, “Srha Asghar”, “Naima Khan” & “Late Ahmed Bilal”

Akhara Drama Writer, Director & Producer​

Akhara Drama Writer​

Shahid Dogar

Akhara Drama Director​

Anjum Shahzad

Anjum Shahzad

Akhara Drama Producer

Next Level Entertainment

next level entertainment

Akhara Drama OST & Teaser

Green Entertainment has released teasers of Akhara drama

Akhara Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Green Entertainment
  • Release Date : December 2023
  • Time : 8:00 P.M. , Every Wednesday 
  • Duration : 45 Min

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