Hamza Ali Abbasi come back with Ayeza Khan​

“Jaan e Jahan,” the highly anticipated drama on ARY Digital, marks the return of the charismatic Hamza Ali Abbasi after a significant hiatus. Having devoted his time to religious pursuits, Hamza makes a resounding comeback, following his memorable performance in ‘Alif Drama.’ The narrative of “Jaan e Jahan” revolves around the profound power of love, transcending ordinary boundaries.

Teaming up with the talented Ayeza Khan, Hamza promises viewers an authentic and heartfelt romance in this drama. The story unfolds the intense and boundless nature of their love, creating an emotional journey for the audience. Hamza Ali Abbasi, known for his versatility, adds another compelling role to his repertoire after the success of ‘Maula Jutt.’

Drama Cast

The ensemble cast of “Jaan e Jahan” continues to expand, featuring a stellar lineup of accomplished actors. Alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayeza Khan, the cast includes Emmad Irfani, Nawal Saeed, Raza Talish, Noor Ul Hassan, Sawaira Nadeem, Zainab Qayoom, Kinza Malik Awan, Asif Raza Mir, Maryam Nafees, Haris Waheed, Saqib Sumeer, Aslam Sheikh, Agha Talal, and Saqib Sameer.

As the production progresses at a brisk pace, “Jaan e Jahan” promises to be a drama of remarkable depth and quality. The captivating narrative and the stellar cast ensure an unforgettable viewing experience. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting production, eagerly anticipating its release.

Jaan E Jahan Drama Teasers​


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