Aijaz Aslam & Shaista Lodhi Starrer in Fanaa Drama

Aijaz Aslam and Shaista Lodhi headline the cast of the much-anticipated Fanaa Drama. Each glimpse into “FANAA” unfolds as a captivating emotional rollercoaster, skillfully intertwining heart-wrenching moments with compelling performances. The teasers provide a brief yet intense preview, encapsulating the essence of love, loyalty, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite the brevity of the three teasers, they offer tantalizing snapshots of the narrative. Aijaz Aslam is depicted loading bullets into a gun, building suspense and raising questions about his character’s role and motivations. Meanwhile, Shaista Lodhi and Shehzad Sheikh are seen engaged in a dramatic pursuit, running towards a train. In the background, there are poignant references to childhood and the burdens of adulthood, adding depth to the unfolding story. These carefully crafted teasers leave audiences intrigued and eager to unravel the complexities and mysteries that “FANAA” promises to unveil.

Fanaa Drama Cast

The cast of the drama features Aijaz Aslam, Shaista Lodhi, Shehzad Sheikh, and Nazish Jehangir. These talented actors contribute to the ensemble, bringing their unique skills and performances to create an engaging and compelling storyline.

Fanaa Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Muhammad Qurban Ali Rao

Muhammad Qurban Ali Rao Writer

Drama Director

Najaf Bilgrami & Saqib Khan

Drama Producer

Gold Bridge & TNI Production

Fanaa Drama Teaser & OST

Green Entertainment has unveiled three teasers for the upcoming Fanaa Drama. These teasers provide a sneak peek into the highly anticipated series, offering viewers a glimpse into the storyline, characters, and the overall atmosphere of the drama.

Fanaa Drama Release Date & Timing

  • Channel : Green Entertainment
  • Release Date: Update Soon
  • Timing: Update Soon

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