Sami Khan with Maheen Siddiqui in Dooriyan drama on Hum tv

In the Hum TV drama “Dooriyan,” Sami Khan takes the lead alongside the relatively new face, Maheen Siddiqui. Despite Sami Khan’s presence in various dramas, he has yet to receive widespread acclaim from the audience. On the other hand, Maheen Siddiqui, with just a couple of side roles under her belt, steps into the spotlight as the lead in “Dooriyan.” The storyline follows a conventional love tale where Sami Khan unexpectedly falls for Maheen Siddiqui. However, complications arise as Maheen Siddiqui is already married to an unsuitable man, leading to profound regret on Sami Khan’s part. To breathe new life into this age-old narrative, the director and producer must conjure some enchantment to captivate viewers. It remains to be seen whether this classic love story in a fresh drama format will gain widespread popularity.

Dooriyan Drama Cast

Dooriyan Drama Cast include Sami Khan, Maheen Siddiqui, Ahmed Taha Ghani & Sarah Khan

Dooriyan Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Dooriyan Drama Writer

Samra Bukhari

Dooriyan Drama Director

Adeel Siddiqui

Adeel Siddiqui Director

Dooriyan Drama Producer

Md Production & Momina Durraid

Dooriyan Drama OST & Teaser​

Hum Tv has release teasers of Dooriyan Drama

Dooriyan Drama Release Date​

  • Channel : Hum TV
  • Release Date : December 2023
  • Time : 9:00 P.M.
  • Duration : 45 Min

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