Dhai Chaal Movie Starrer Ayesha Omar & Humayon Ashraf​

“Dhai Chaal” movie starrer Ayesha Omar & Humayon Ashraf. “Dhai Chaal” releases in theaters on December 8, 2023, exploring the dynamics of India, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Baluchistan. Watch the trailer for a glimpse or experience the full story on the big screen.

Dhai Chaal Movie Trailer

“Dhai Chaal” movie trailer unveils a gripping narrative, delving into the complexities of terrorism, espionage, and geopolitical tensions in South Asia.

Dhai Chaal Movie Cast​

The cast include Ayesha Omar, Humayon Ashraf, Shamoon Abbasi & Adnan Shah Tipu

Humayon Ashraf Actor
Ayesha Omar Actress
Shamoon Abbasi Actor
Adnan Shah Tipu Actor

Dhai Chaal Movie Writer, Director & Producer

Movie Writer

Farheen Chaudhry

Farheen Chaudhry Writer

Movie Director

Taimoor Sherazi

Taimoor Sherazi Director

Movie Producer

Dr. Irfan Chaudhry

Dr. Irfan Ashraf Producer

Movie Release Date

  • Released in Cinemas
  • Release Date : 8 December 2023

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