Akhara” is indeed an upcoming drama and Feroz Khan has made a comeback in it, it’s great news for his fans. Feroz Khan is a well-known Pakistani actor, and his return to the screen could generate a lot of excitement and anticipation among his admirers. A romantic drama with elements of action and conflict can often capture the audience’s attention, providing a mix of emotional depth and thrilling storylines.

Feroz Khan is playing the role of Dilsher and Sonya Hussyn is portraying Sitara in the drama “Akhara.” The characters and casting choices in a drama play a crucial role in shaping the story and its appeal

Playing the character of Dilsher, he is likely to bring depth and charisma to the role. The name “Dilsher” suggests a strong and valiant character, and fans of Feroz Khan can look forward to his return to the screen in this role.

Sonya Hussyn is also a popular actress known for her versatile performances. As Sitara, her character may bring a sense of intrigue to the storyline. “Sitara” typically conveys a sense of beauty and radiance

Akhara Drama Cast

Akhara Drama cast include “Feroze Khan”, “Sonya Hussyn”, “Faraz Farooqui”, “Nida Mumtaz”, “Waseem Abbas”, “Sarah Asghar”, “Naima Khan”, “Hina Afridi” & “Late Ahmed Bilal”

Feroze Khan

Sonya Hussyn

Faraz Farooqui

Nida Mumtaz

Waseem Abbas

Sarah Asghar

Naima Khan

Hina Afridi

Ahmed Bilal (Late)

Akhara Drama Writer, Director & Producer

Drama Writer

Shahid Dogar

Drama Director

Anjum Shahzad

Drama Production & Producer

Anjum Shahzad

Next Level Entertainment

Akhara Drama Release Date

  • Channel : Green Entertainment TV
  • Time : Wed & Thu | 8:00 P.M.

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Akhara Teaser & OST


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