Latest & Upcoming Har Pal Geo Tv Dramas

Latest & Upcoming Geo TV Dramas​

Latest & upcoming dramas on Geo TV are: Khaie – Geo TV, Sun Mere Dil drama – Geo TV, Tere Bin Season 2 – Geo TV & Khumar Drama Geo TV

Latest Pakistani Dramas: A Symphony of Emotions

Dive into our latest dramas, where every episode is a testament to the art of storytelling. From family sagas to romantic epics, each drama promises an unforgettable experience. Here are the dramas currently making waves:


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Teaser: On December 29, 2023, Abdullah Kadwani will announce exciting news about Tere Bin Season 2. Fans anticipate the return of Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in a love story navigating social barriers. The supporting cast, including Bushra Ansari and Sohail Sameer, and the potential return of Sabeena Farooq, generate high expectations for this engaging series.

Cast: Tere Bin Season 2 drama cast To Be Announced include Wahaj Ali, Yumna Zaidi, Bushra Ansari, Sabeena Farooq & Sohail Sameer, 


TeaserIn “Khaie,” Dure Fishan and Faysal Qureshi star, with expectations high for a departure from Qureshi’s typical don-like roles, bringing a refreshing change.

Cast: Khai Drama Cast include Faysal Qureshi, Dure Fishan Saleem & Mahnoor Haider


Synopsis: Geo TV presents the eagerly awaited drama “Khumar,” marking Feroze Khan’s compelling return to the screen after a period of personal change. Teaming up with the talented Neelum Muneer, known for her excellence in “Ahram e Junoon,” this duo promises to deliver a captivating narrative that intertwines emotions, drama, and passion. Brace yourself for a gripping journey through life’s intricacies, love, and human emotions as “Khumar” unfolds, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating each episode on Geo TV..

Cast: Feorze Khan, Neelum Muneer & Shehzad Sheikh